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city2050 provides expertise around the world in governance, strategy and policy that is innovative, future-focused and outcome orientated and works with elected members, board members, executives, planners, community leaders and change makers around the world to create preferred futures.
Highly immersed in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, 2024 will be a pivotal year for exploring its profound impact on individuals and organisations. Offering valuable insights into the trajectory of AI and its influence on communities and corporations, he is at the forefront of shaping a future where technology integrates and enables organisational goals and strategies.
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Urban Futurist Stephen Yarwood 


Stephen Yarwood is a renowned Futurist, highly respected Urbanist, former Lord Mayor of Adelaide and an award-winning member of the Planning Institute of Australia. Serving as a catalyst for change for both corporate and community organisations, his passion extends beyond envisioning the future; he actively educates, motivates and empowers people to shape it.


With a strong skill set in cross-disciplinary strategic foresight, he is deeply fascinated by the dynamic interplay between people, places, technology, and change. Recognised as an international thought leader on "the future citizen," Stephen is committed to collaborative leadership that aids corporate and community leaders in navigating the rapidly changing and complex social, environmental, and economic landscape, allowing them to explore possible futures and create preferred outcomes.

"Stephen is a powerhouse presenter who can hold an audience on the edge of their seats with his fascinating insights into the world of tomorrow. His content is as entertaining as it is informative, it authentically challenge’s prevailing wisdom and invites us all to consider the reality of the velocity of change occurring around us.

His presentations provide an insightful portal into the societal transformations across a range of disciplines and domains on our doorstep. He does it with his trademark enthusiasm and optimism, leaving his audiences inspired and better prepared for the inevitability of the tsunami of change."

Fairlie Delbridge, Chair, Real Estate Institute of South Australia

His linked in profile has a detailed career summary and a list of endorsed skills and recommendations.

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