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2017 Digital Trends – Quick thoughts!

I was asked to pen a 200 word summary for my Client TechnologyOne as to some key changes in the digital space for 2017 – I thought I’d share it with you!

Digital transformation will accelerate on virtually every front in business and government – from governance and management processes right through to new and emerging ways to interact with customers. Wearable technologies will play a key role in connecting with customers and communities; they will move beyond watches and into other equipment such as glasses and jewellery.

Key trends this year will include the exploration of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications and opportunities as well as the emergent discussion of what machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation, beyond manufacturing and into services industries, means for competitiveness, employment and forward business planning.

Opportunities for the application of drone technology appears to be coming commonplace whilst share economy businesses (both big and small) will maintain an exponential growth trajectory while governments continue to struggle with its implications and appropriate regulation.

Autonomous cars will pop up in several Australian cities this year – if you are a frequent user of airports there’s a chance 2017 will be your first driverless experience!

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