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Stephen is a visionary but practical strategic thinker with expertise that empowers people to envision and create preferred futures for their cities, communities and companies. 


He works with Regional and City Governments and corporations seeking creative and innovative strategic thinking and positive practical outcomes in both the short and long term. 


He enables people to understand key drivers defining possible, potential and preferred urban futures and helps people realise how they can be empowered to determine theirs and effectively achieve these outcomes.


Services provided by city2050 include:


  • City visioning and scenario creation

  • Long term infrastructure and urban planning trend identification

  • Smart City planning

  • Corporate and urban strategic planning

  • Urban planning and policy development

  • Urban Centres transformation strategies

  • Place-making - public space and street activation

  • Master planning, transport planning & infrastructure planning

  • Government, corporate and community culture-change and capacity-building

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